DJ Shiti and Shorn Arwa Apologize to Imo Unusual

Comedian DJ Shiti and content creator Shorn Arwa apologized for their remarks to Imo Unusual.

Imo Unusual a Sudanese Tik Tok content creator reviewed the outfits of Kenyan celebrities during the premiere of the Black Panther sequel and received plenty of backlash from Kenyans online. In the review, she compared Nameless’ outfit to that one of a scary robber and the outfits of Terrence and his wife to Nollywood witch doctors.

DJ Shiti
DJ Shiti, Imo Unusual Shorn Arwa File/pulse Kenya

Things went south when some users began attacking Imo Unusual, with comments that had an undertone of colourism owing to the content creators’ dark complexion.

A section of netizens took to the content creator’s defence and felt that the attacks on her skin colour were unnecessary, offensive and unrelated to her content that was more based on jesting.

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In response to this review DJ Shiti wrote that Imo Unusual had too much freedom of speech in a country she does not belong to and inquired if she had renewed her Visa.
“Na hapa Kenya tumepea wageni chance na nafasi yakuroroa kwanza amerenew visa?” DJ Shiti wrote.

After DJ Shiti was accused of encouraging xenophobia and hatred among Africans. In response to this, he said that Africans should not be taken seriously and instead should laugh at their own predicaments instead of stressing. He said South Sudan was like his home and that Africa is one.

“South Sudan is my home, not even my second home. In great Africa our motherland some things should not be taken seriously, we should laugh at our own predicaments, Africa is one. I love you, blood brothers and sisters, from Juba, see you soon.”

Shorn Arwa made a video calling out Imo Unusual for her harsh review. In the video, she told Imo Unusual to go home and stop criticizing the imperfections of some celebrities which they cannot change.

“You do not come for people who just had babies, you don’t come for people who are battling stuff and legends like Nameless. We unajua Nameless kweli? This guy is one of the most learned musicians in East Africa… In fact, go home” Shorn Arwa said.


#greenscreen #greenscreenvideo let’s not go down the rabbit hole 🤦‍♀️ #shornarwa

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Shorn Arwa tiktok Video

Shorn Arwa explained that she has nothing against foreigners and the phrase go home is commonly used in conversations when one person is not making sense, hence her comment was taken out of proportion

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