Drake Loses $2 Million Bet on UFC Fight


Drake is $2 Million lighter today after betting on the loser in the Saturday night UFC title fight, but for a good part of the fight he looked like he was going to win.

The iconic rapper lost 2 Million Dollars on Sunday 13 November, with a bet on UFC fighter Israel Adesanya.

Drake, known for his love of high stakes in gambling has lost the huge amount again today on middleweight champion in UFC competitions.

Adesanya failed to defend his UFC middleweight belt in the main event of UFC 281 against the Brazilian who defeated him twice in kickboxing.

UFC 281 took place on at Madison Square Garden in New York in the United States of America.

Alex Pereira knocks out Nigerian star Israel Adesenya in a tough UFC battle. Photo/COURTESY

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The hip-hop artist has a long history of betting on UFC fights which includes most recently tipping Nigerian fighter Kamaru Usman which saw him lose $200,000.

Adesenya seemed to have the upper hand giving Drake hopes until the 5th round. Then, Pereira unleashed a series of body blows that staggered Adesenya, although he didn’t drop to the canvas.

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But, the referee decides to step in anyway and stop the fight.
Pereira’s victory marked the third time he defeated Adesanya in the UFC fight. Their other two matches were kickboxing matches.

As for Drake he captioned his ticket on Instagram with “been focused on the album gotta get back to stacking up” before the fight… so stacking will have to be an even bigger priority now that Izzy lost.

Rapper Drake looses $2 Million Bet on Israel Adesenya

Drake previously won a $1 Million bet that Adesanya would bet mixed martial artist Jared Cannonier.

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