Akothee sues Lucy for defamation, claiming she stole Omondi from her


Akothee sues Lucy for defamation claims of stealing Mr. Schweizer from her after introducing the two to each other leading to their new relationship.

Akothee who immediately clears this rumor says, she met Mr. Schweizer (Omondi) through a friend called Pius in Switzerland.

The Kenyan artist claims to have met Mr. Schweizer at a probably white party according to her description, where she recalls that herself and her daughter were the only black people in attendance.

Akothee sues Lucy over defamation

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“Bwana yake aliibiwa akiwa wapi? Number one. Number two, when I met Omosh he never told me that… mi huwa nauliza ‘are you in a relationship?’ And he said ‘no’

But when he came to Kenya, he is an investor. Omosh is an investor and he wanted to come to Kenya and he invest in Kenya,

“So he came to Kenya in 2019 through his friends then in 2022 huko kwa harakati zake za kufanya biashara zake alikua anaenda safari na Bonfire,

“Ata mambo ya Akothee Safari hakua anajua. So huyu ambaye nilimuibia bwana nilimuibia tukiwa wapi? tukiwa tumekutana wapi? Maanake Switzerland mahali nlikua nilikua naona wazungu tu,

“And that party that we went it’s only me and my daughter that were black. So I met Omosh through his friend called Pius,” Akothee said. 

Akothee went ahead accusing lucy of stealing money from Omondi under false pretenses.

She claims that Lucy was assisting Mr. Schweizer (Omondi) in booking a place to stay in Kenya, however, Lucy canceled the reservation she made at Bonfires Adventures and asked for a refund keeping all the money to herself.

“Kwanza anadaiwa na Bonfire you’ve seen? Aliiba pesa ya mgeni ya safari na akaenda kudanganyana huko kwamba wageni sasa hawakuji the moment Omosh alimwambia ‘I’ll be coming to Kenya but I will not be meeting you because I am not alone anymore’.

Hujaelewa kizungu kama mwanamke? You become proud. Omosh alishtuka dem alienda akachukua pesa kutoka kwa Bonfire na akaenda akasema wageni wahakuji tena there’s an emergency.

How can someone think like this? Huyu alikua business partner alikua wife ama alikua nani?” Akothee said

Akothee now wants to sue Lucy for defamation of character to teach her a lesson, she reveals this in an interview with milele FM that happened on November 2, 2022.

“You know when the ruling will come out then Kenyans will apologize to me. I am very innocent. Nampeleka kotini and she has to know.

By just defamation of character. I am very innocent and we have all the evidence. And this one will be a lesson for her,”  Akothee concluded.

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