Akothee and her fiance unveils ‘Akothee Foundation Academy’ Project

Akothee and her fiancé Mr. Schweizer revealed that they are working on a project dubbed ‘Akothee Foundation Academy’ project, saying the wedding would not stop her from the project.

Akothee and her fiancé Mr. Schweizer are working on a project called Akothee Foundation Academy.

It is revealed that Mr. Schweizer is an investor and philanthropist and will be by Akothee’s side as a husband and business partner in building and helping with the project of the Akothee Foundation Academy. Akothee’s soon-to-be husband has a Luo nick name Omosh derived from the name Omondi.

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“Team Akothee we are having a big project coming soon AKOTHEE FOUNDATION ACADEMY and that’s the reason Me & Omosh will stay longer in Kenya, initially we were to do 3 weeks in Swiss and 3 weeks in Kenya to make sure all businesses are running. I need his support; I can’t do it alone.” Akothee said.

Akothee announces a project with Fiance

Akothee also wanted to clarify Mr. Schweizer’s past and what he does for a living. She revealed that he is an investor and philanthropist and they are currently working on his documents so he can come and work as the chairman of Akothee Foundations.

I want to put records clear, Omosh has a good heart He is an investor and a philanthropist apart from him being my husband. He is coming in as the Chairman of Akothee Foundation & We are working on his documents atusaidie hii foundation imenihangaisha Sana,” Akothee said.

She continues to say that her soon-to-be husband has a good heart and with his help and expertise, he will be able to help in building and making the project Akothee Foundation Academy.

Akothee and her fiancé Mr. Schweizer are couple goals according to the post updated on Akothee’s Instagram page. They show that they are in love through the pictures posted on her Instagram page.

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