Pakistan sends team to Kenya for investigation on journalist death


The Pakistan government has sent three security officers to Kenya to investigate the Sunday murder involving Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif.

The team includes Athar Waheed, Pakistan’s Director of the Federal Investigation Agency, and Omar Shahid Hamid, the Investigation Bureau’s Deputy Director-General.

Arshad Sharif who was murdered on Sunday by Kenyan police officers in what the East African country’s authorities claim was a case of mistaken identity

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Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, whose administration has been the focus of Sharif’s critical stories, said on Monday that Kenyan President William Ruto had assured him of an open investigation into the killing.

Pakistan sends investigators to Kenya over the death of Sharif Ashard

According to the Kenya National Police Service, officers guarding the roadblock on Magadi Road mistook the Pakistani journalist and his brother for kidnappers trafficking a child from Starehe, Nairobi.

Sharif is described as a brave man who defied all odds in a country regarded as one of the most dangerous for journalists. He used to criticize Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, who assumed power in April 2022 after former cricket star Imran Khan was removed from power in a vote of no confidence.

His problems with the government began when he became the first to reveal the prime minister’s trip to Saudi Arabia. A few days later, his lawyer revealed that he had been informed that people in civilian uniform had gone to the journalist’s home.

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“I got a call from Arshad Sharif last night. The story about the prime minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia was broken by Arshad Sharif,” the lawyer was quoted telling a court in April 2022.

“People went to Arshad Sharif’s house in civil uniform last night. I have not been in direct contact with him since last night.”

Sharif resigned from ARY News, where he hosted a talk show about political activities in Pakistan, in August 2022.

Sharif was facing sedition charges when he fled his home country.

He died in Kenya leaving the Ammodump Kwenia club, which is popular among the country’s Pakistanis and Indians.

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