William Ruto: Leave Cartels for me to Deal with

William Ruto
William Ruto has admonished the cartels that have disabled the thriving of businesses in various sectors as he hints at unleashing firm actions against such
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Embattled President-elect William Ruto sounded a warning to the Cartels about messing with the business operations within the country reminding them that his reign will ensure they are dealt with firmly.

Speaking on 11th September at Meru, the president-elect cautioned the so-called cartels about their meddling with operations as he further thanked the Citizens for believing in him.

“Opinion polls predicted that I won’t win but God made it,” he said.

Commending the citizens that through them he has been enabled to deal with the cartels who have infiltrated the various sectors of businesses commencing with the thriving Miraa business in the region thereby.

On Miraa markets, Ruto said he is engaging Somalia President Hassan Sheikh for enhanced bilateral trade for the crop

“Leave Miraa cartels for me. I have a meeting this week with Somalia President to fast-track Miraa markets. Miraa farmers should never be worried, I will deal with all brokers and cartels,” Ruto said.

This has sparked great optimism among the traders as well as citizens as they hope the Kenya Kwanza government is going to do away with the politicians and cartels bribing their ways into brokering deals that see other Kenyans suffer losses.

“I am taking over a country with a big debt and our economy is not in good stature. If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. China saves 57% of its GDP while Kenya saves 7% of our GDP. I encourage everyone to promote a culture of saving,” Ruto said.

The outgoing deputy president said he will lead by example in paying taxes as he urged Kenyans to do their part by paying taxes. As he gears up for leading the country to a new beginning despite the economic challenges faced.

Ruto, who spoke at Maya Stadium during a thanksgiving ceremony said he looks forward to a day when Kenyans will not be overburdened which he believes is coming.

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