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Reason behind Maxwell Mwamburi and Vera Sidika’s beef

Reason behind Maxwell Mwamburi and Vera Sidika’s beef

Entrepreneur and fashion enthusiast Maxwell Mwamburi who now goes by Maxine, has decided to air the reasons behind his beef with socialite Vera Sidika.


Mwamburi has previously chastised the socialite, alleging that she had thrown him out at odd hours of the night.

During the Friday Night Live interview with media personality Oga Obinna, Mwamburi accused Vera of not accepting him in his current identity.

“Vera had a problem with me coming out. Whenever we wanted to go for a meeting she wanted me to wear a suit but I was not okay with it. I felt like she was being homophobic,” he narrated.

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When asked if the beef might have erupted because he attempted to serenade Vera’s bae Brown Mauzo, he said,

“Brian Mauzo is not my type and I did not hit on him.”

The feud escalated to the point where Mauzo blocked him on Instagram, despite the fact that they had previously been friends.

“I think he was influenced by his bae Vera,” he continued.

Mwamburi was then questioned about his family’s reaction to him coming out. He emphasized that they had been unsupportive, but their reactions are not of much concern to him at the moment.

“Since I came out my dad and I haven’t talked. People have been calling him saying that he is embarrassing him. I regret hiding who I am, but I now feel free. My brother called me and told me to see a psychiatrist because he thinks I am mentally disturbed.”

The content creator is also unconcerned about what his father thinks of him.

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