Eric Omondi ignites beef with Kenyan musicians- “They’re so boring”

Eric Omondi ignites beef with Kenyan musicians- “They’re so boring”

Comedian Eric Omondi has created another feud with Kenya’s top performing artists after comparing them to Tanzanian singers and labeling them uninteresting.

Taking to his Instagram, Eric posted a photo of the most streamed artists on Youtube Kenya 2022, that featured; Bahati, Otile Brown, Willy Paul, and Shiro wa G.P, with a caption that irritated some artists who so fit to respond to his claims.

Comedian Eric Omondi
Comedian Eric Omondi, Image: Courtesy

“The top 5 Most Streamed Musicians in Kenya are Tanzanians. Let me explain why!!! There are certain things they are doing that we aren’t. SIT YOU’RE A** DOWN and LISTEN!!! SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!! Entertainment or Music is not just about your music!!! It’s about your LIFESTYLE!!!

“Where do you go? Who are you dating? How are you dressed? Look at these peoples’ lives. Harmonize made Noise for a whole 3 months just “asking Kajala to come back to him” Diamond buys a Rolls Royce, Goes on tour promises to buy a private Jet and two weeks later jets into Kenya in one!!! SHOWBIZ!!! SHOWBIZ!!! KENYAN MUSICIANS ARE SIMPLY BOOOOORING and it will get you NOWHERE!!!!” exclaimed Eric.

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Artists respond

“Mbona” hitmaker Khaligraph Jones, who was not featured on the list but was specifically intrigued by Eric’s remark, responded to the comment by saying,

“Wewe mwenye unapiga showbiz unanunua Rolls Royce yako Siku gani? Sababu showbiz unapiga nayo ila sielewi mbona showbiz haiambatani na quality ya life ama showbiz ni ya kufurahisha tu watu?” replied Khaligraph with a hint of sarcasm.

Leading singer of Sauti Sol music group Bien, joined Khaligraph as he unapologetically asked Eric to remain with his advice and take on the Kenyan music Industry.

Eric Omondi ignites beef with Kenyan musicians- “They’re so boring”
Bien and Eric Omondi at Konshen’s concert

“Another opportunity to talk s***. I knew you can’t miss this. Everything about this country is wrong. Governance , Education, Corruption lakini wasanii ndio mtaingilia. Take that advice and shove it up your a. What groundbreaking things are you doing? Mark my words. WE WILL RISE AND CONTINUE TO RISE,” expressed Bien.

The trio, Khaligraph, Bien, and Eric have however had on and off personal beef in the past.

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