Mejja to collaborate with Embarambamba: But I can’t roll in mud

Mejja to colaborate with Embarambamba

Gengetone artist Mejja has expressed interest to work with controversial gospel artist Embarambamba, on a new project.

Speaking through Mambo Mseto show, the “Siskii” hitmaker revealed that he is open to working with any musician, as long as the two clicked.

Embarambamba to collaborate with Mejja
Controversial singer Embarambamba. Photo: Courtesy

“If it is a vibe, why not. But I can’t roll myself in the mud. I am always open-minded and I listen to any song if it sounds and makes me feel good,” disclosed Mejja.

He did, however, assure his fans that he will not perform the crazy stunts for which Embarambamba is popular.

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The Kisii gospel hitmaker is well-known for performing daring and sometimes dangerous stunts, which usually elicit mixed reactions from netizens.

In one of his most recent wild performances, Embarambamba picked up an elderly man, slung him over his shoulder, and spun him in circles.

On how he composes his music, Mejja revealed that he first listens to the beats before writing the lyrics.

He claims that the beats help him know where to place his words to entertain his listeners without him singing or rapping.

“I love spacing my lyrics because I don’t see the reason of covering the beats with words if they are amazing,

“I start with the beat so that I can play with the instruments of the beat. I listen to the instruments so that when I compose my lyrics if the instruments amaze me, I can know where to put my words to leave the spacing,” he said.

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