Five mind-blowing advantages of lucid dreaming

lucid dreaming
A lucid dream is one in which you are aware that you are dreaming while you are asleep and even control the dream's plot using your imagination.

Have you ever realized that you are dreaming in the middle of a real dream? It’s known as lucid dreaming, and the idea is captivating the imagination of more and more people who are using this intriguing environment to heal, develop their talents, and even overcome their nightmares.

According to research, about half of adults may have experienced at least one lucid dream. A study conducted in 2016 by David Saunders and colleagues on 34 lucid dreaming studies revealed that 55% of 24,282 participants had at least one lucid dream or more during their lives.

Although the specific cause of lucid dreams is unknown, research has revealed variations between the brains of those who experience them and those who do not, according to WebMd.

It has been suggested that lucid dreamers have a larger prefrontal cortex, the front section of the brain where complex activities like decision-making and memory recall are performed.

lucid dreams

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In a YouTube video, author and lucid dreaming instructor Charlie Morley discuss 5 surprising facts about lucid dreaming.

Children naturally lucid dream
Most children described having frequent lucid dreams as a normal part of their growth as children, according to a recent Harvard study that included children between the ages of 6 and 16. This demonstrates that while we do not need to learn how to lucid dream, we do need to remember how to accomplish it because as children, we were already familiar with the approach.

Recurrent nightmares are treated via lucid dreaming.
Military veterans are increasingly using lucid dreaming as a means of integrating their PTSD because it has been scientifically proven to be such a potent remedy for recurrent nightmares.

You can use your brain through lucid dreaming
The prefrontal cortex is stimulated and your neuroplasticity is activated as you become conscious. The ability of the human brain to rewire itself in favor of a learned skill or a repeated activity is known as this. According to scientific research, if you practice a particular sports discipline during a lucid dream, your brain changes to make you better at the activity.

Trauma integration is a treatment goal of lucid dreaming.
There is even a method known as lucid dreaming therapy where psychotherapists utilize lucid dreaming techniques with their clients to assist them to integrate their trauma because it is such a potent therapy for trauma integration.

There is also the possibility of lucid dreaming healing when people enter a lucid dream and use specific visual healing procedures. This reduces the severity of waking-state illnesses since the lucid dream state maximizes the placebo effect.

A lucid dream increases your energy
Many people believe that lucid dreaming will leave you feeling extremely exhausted. On the other hand, as soon as we become lucid, the brain enters a gamma wave state.

This is a brain state that is typically only experienced by those who have meditated for more than 10,000 hours. But because lucid dreaming is a natural meditation state, the brain automatically enters gamma. Your brain is soaked in gamma when you wake up from a lucid dream, which will offer you more energy and mindfulness while you are up.

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