Kabi Wa Jesus speaks of Potential Radio Entry

Kabi Wa Jesus
Online content creator Kabi Wa Jesus has hinted that if the negotiations he has been having becomes successful, he would be given radio job
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Online content creator Kabi Wa Jesus has hinted that if negotiations he has been having with a particular radio station in the country becomes successful, he would be given radio job.

Kabi Wa Jesus
Content Creator Kabi Wa Jesus

This information was made public by the video creator via his YouTube account, where he also stated that he is looking forward to the station’s consideration of their discussions and subsequent response.

If successful, Kabi is going to have a morning show on the radio.
Many of his followers wished him well in the comment section as he waits for that call.

“I was approached by a radio station and we have been in talks for a possible morning show on radio, so if we come into an agreement I will be going to radio,” Kabi said.

The wa Jesus are gradually going up the ladder because they recently disclosed that they would be relocating to their newly built home, which is conveniently located close to their son Taji’s school.

The couple’s regular criticism on social media seems to be helping them. The couple has recently been under fire from their fans who believe they have strayed from the path in regards to the name Wa Jesus.

This was after Kabi stepped on the pulpit to talk about how he had sexual relations with a number of his close relatives.

During an interview on Dr. Ofweneke’s late-night show, Kabi declared he was not remorseful for speaking up.

Speaking on Friday, July 1, at Reign City Chapel, the award-winning content creator said that before he was saved in September 2013, he engaged in numerous unhealthy habits, including drug abuse.

In addition to claiming that he did not consult his wife Milly before giving the testimony, Kabi also mentioned that day saw the salvation of 40 people.

The content creator went on to say that many brands shunned him and his wife when they first started out as content creators because of their adamant adherence to Christianity. They persevered, though, and God has been gracious to them.

Since many believe that the Wa Jesus family was founded by Christianity, his case has been characterized as one of preaching water while drinking wine.

This was particularly true given that he had initially denied committing the offense. Before later retracting his statements, he had even disputed the legitimacy of the child born from one of those unions.

Not only that, but a few months ago Kabi shared a video while his wife was giving birth and it was also met with outrage from followers, the majority of whom felt it was improper for him to show the world his wife in the delivery room.

As it appears with more controversies comes more opportunities and we wish him all the best.

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