Five Significant Dormant Volcanoes in the World


Volcanoes have the power to destroy in a matter of minutes. But some slumber for years before blowing their top once more.


When two tectonic plates move apart or collide, volcanoes are created. A volcano is created when hot magma from the Earth’s mantle rises to the surface.

A volcano may occasionally be quite active. The most recent significant eruptions of Mount Etna, which is located in Sicily, occurred in 1986 and 1999. However, none have been as significant as the one that occurred back in 1669 and claimed almost 20,000 lives.

When a volcano is dormant, which is the French term for “sleeping,” hasn’t erupted in a while, but it will soon. (Volcanoes that are thought to be extinct, on the other hand, have not erupted in at least 10,000 years and are not anticipated to do so for another 10,000 years or so.)

Here are five that are currently dormant but might erupt during your lifetime

Mount Fuji

Earthquakes are common in Japan. With a height of 12,388 feet, this mountain is Japan’s highest (3,776 meters). Just 60 miles (100 km) away from the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area, it is situated in the Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures, close to the ocean.

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Mount Fiji/ Shutterstock images

The latest eruption of Mount Fuji occurred in 1707, and geologists still believe it to remain active. The fact that it is so near to the metropolis means that if it blows its top, it might drive more than 750,000 people from their homes.

Mount Kilimanjaro
Near the Kenyan border, in northeastern Tanzania, is where you’ll find this well-known volcanic massif. It’s interesting to note that Kilimanjaro is actually made up of three different volcanic cones despite appearing to be one enormous mountain.

Mount Kilimanjaro/ Africa Safaris

Mawensi and Shira are the only two left. The third, Kibo, is believed to be dormant. The youngest of the three cones, Kibo is actually the highest point in Africa, rising to a height of 19,340 feet (5,895 meters).

Mount Rainer
On clear days, this stunning mountain, which is a member of the Cascade Mountain Range and is situated in Washington State, typically provides a magnificent backdrop to Seattle. Its snow-capped peak is so picturesque that it appears on tablecloths, postcards, and more throughout the state.

Mount Rainer/Shutterstock

The fact that this is truly a dormant volcano with the potential to erupt at any moment is something that many people do not frequently consider. Although Mount Rainier’s last eruption was almost 500 years ago, it is still regarded as the Cascade Range’s most dangerous volcano. This is caused by a number of things, including the region’s regular earthquakes, its active hydrothermal system, the height of the volcano, and its sizable glacier mantle.

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Three Sisters
The Three Sisters volcano, which is located in Lane County and is a component of the Cascade Mountain Range in Oregon, last erupted roughly 2,000 years ago. The North Sister, Middle Sister, and South Sister are actually three aligned stratovolcanoes.

Three sisters mountain in Oregon/ Dreamstime

The peaks are made of several types of rock and were not all constructed at the same time. When it was discovered that a portion of this cluster was lifting upward in the late 1990s, it attracted the interest of both the general public and volcanologists.

Mauna Kea
Volcanoes are common in Hawaii, and Mauna Kea is one of them. Hawaii is an island made up of five volcanoes, with this one being the tallest. Although Mauna Kea hasn’t erupted in about 4,500 years, volcanologists think it still has the ability to do so.

Mauna Kea in Hawaii/ iStock images

This volcano last erupted about seven times between 6,000 and 4,000 years ago, and based on its past eruptions, geologists believe its recurrence interval is roughly 1,000 years.


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