Why not? Willis Raburu’s lover says they still do it despite heavy pregnancy

Willis Raburu with lover
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Willis Raburu’s fiancée Ivy Namu has decided to open up to her fans on a more personal level.

During an Instagram Q&A session, the heavily pregnant YouTuber revealed that she and Willis still twa twa, despite her due date approaching.

Willis with lover
Willis with fiancee Ivy

“Why would I stop?” answered Ivy to a fan questioning whether her pregnancy comes in the way of her lovemaking.

Like every other couple, Ivy admits that her relationship isn’t perfect, as she and her media personality lover Willis argue, but what makes her love him even more, is how they handle their disagreements.

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“Ofcourse. Kukosana is inevitable in any sort of relationship (family, friends and work), but we are pretty good at talking things through and working stuff out. Thank goodness,” narrates Ivy as reported by Tuko.

Willis Raburu and family
Willis Raburu with family, source; Instagram

The newly engaged couple goals serving pair are about to welcome their second child, whose gender is still unknown.

For celebrity couples, Diana Marua and her hubby Bahati, who are not new to engaging their fans on a personal level, stunned their followers with a recent reveal.

Speaking in discrete interviews, the two aired the number of days they get intimate, a reveal that has got Kenyans startled.

During an interview with Dr. Ofweneke, Bahati stated that his wife’s worst flaw is that she takes time before granting him his conjugal rights, which many believed was ridiculous.

“Ye hukawia kabla anipee. Siku kama mbili, tatu,” he said.

However, in an interview with content creator Nicholas Kioko, Diana refuted the claims, adding that Bahati makes it a norm to ask for sex on a daily, regardless of her being pregnant.

“Beb, what do you mean? I think ni weeki tu moja nilimweka kwa dry spell. Sasa mhesh anataka kila siku, kila siku, kila siku. Na hanipumzishi. So nikampumzisha for one week, na niko na mimba. Imagine,” said Marua.

Mostly because of the time difference, she noted that Bahati expects pleasure no matter how late it is.

“Ikakuwa sasa ni vita, ni vita, “hunipatii”. Sasa lakini ye anakuja home usiku, anakuja home late. Honestly. Uniamshe saa nane, saa tisa nikupatie. For real,” she continued.

Diana announced her pregnancy on Friday, July 15, in a new collaboration song “nakulombotov” with her partner.

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