Bahati turns down Diana’s vasectomy offer

Diana Bahati

Musician turned politician Bahati has declined his wife’s offer to undergo a vasectomy following a shock from their now unplanned pregnancy.

Despite the fact that his goal is to have ten children, the father-to-be is more concerned about the viral reported vasectomy adverse effect.

“Let me tell you why a man cannot funga (have a vasectomy). Me when I funga, it won’t smama. That is a problem,” expressed Bahati on his wife’s YouTube channel.

Reflecting on the number of sacrifices she has made for her beloved, Diana’s sole request is that he makes the life-long sacrifice and allow her to take a vacation from contraceptives, which negatively affect her.

Bahati turns down Diana's vasectomy offer
Diana and Bahati during their pregnancy reveal shoot

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“Look at the sacrifices I’ve done for you. How many sacrifices? Countless. I’ve done so many things for you. What are you willing to do for me?” Asked Diana.

“Contraceptives, don’t work well with me. There was a time I had a coil. We came to realize much later that zilikua zinanifanya niswell miguu. Ilikua inafika mahali naswell miguu tu kabisa I couldn’t even ware ata sandles,” she continued.

Bahati on the other hand desires to continue with his now-failed contraception technique, which he wishes no one to use as it resulted in their current pregnancy.

“Guys, that does not work (withdrawal). But I think, the Guinness book of records please you need to recognize me. I have withdrawn for like three years.

“It is not my withdrawal tactic that went wrong. I wish to clarify that it is Diana who doesn’t know her safe days,” he said.

For the Mathare Mp candidate, if withdrawal is no longer an option, he would prefer to abstain from sex for a few days, although his wife believes otherwise.

“Let me tell you the biggest favour I can do for you. I go back to contraceptives. That means, from my side, najipunguzia mamrao”sex”,” he clarified.

“This guy cannot stay two days without mamrao,” added Diana.

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