Andrew Kibe praises Rachel Ruto and advises women follow in her footsteps

Andrew Kibe
Rachel Ruto the wife of president elect William Ruto, has inspired and served as a role model for a number of people including controversial figure Andrew Kibe
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Rachel Chebet Ruto, the wife of president elect William Ruto, has inspired and served as a role model for a number of people, including controversial figure Andrew Kibe.

Andrew Kibe
Andrew Kibe has praised Rachel Ruto and urged women to emulate her

Kibe, who referred to Rachel as a noblewoman, urged women to aspire to her, stating that her carefully filtered and limited words is essential for promoting peace.

The content creator hinted that most women fail in their union because of too much talk.

“Learn from Ruto’s wife. She only talks when she is in church. Apart from the church, she doesn’t talk,” Kibe said.

Adding; “Some of you have broken up your marriages, your relationships because you couldn’t stop yourselves from talking.”

The mother of six is renowned for having a strong Christian foundation and for being a prayer warrior.

Rachel has been a strong pillar in her husband’s life and praying for him.
She has frequently been photographed kneeling in prayer, especially during election season.

This was also acknowledged by her husband, whom she addresses as Bill, who claimed to have been prayed into victory at the major historical event when he was named the fifth President-elect of the Republic of Kenya.

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After collaborating with global tech giant Google, Rachel Ruto’s MAMA Foundation has seen significant growth.

Google established a relationship with the Carakana group of the Mama Foundation on Thursday through its Arts & Culture platform, allowing for online exhibitions of the women’s embroidery goods.

Carakana: Transforming Lives will be a standalone page created by Google Arts & Culture (GAC) to highlight the national organization’s activities.

The page will have online exhibitions that are narrated by people living with disabilities and marginalized women who describe their situations and the significance of Carakana in their lives.

Individual documentaries of Carakana members detailing their life before and after joining the social impact organization will be recorded at work, in prisons, rural houses, and village settings, and published to the platform.

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