Cheat Day: 5 Unique ways to Indulge in Chocolate

Chocolate is the world's go-to comfort food that can easily turn frowns upside down.
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Chocolate is the world’s go-to comfort food that can easily turn frowns upside down. Chocolate has defined and shaped our society, especially in the social-economic frontier. 

It is an ostentatious good that has been associated with the elites as well as shaping the conversation and focus of many children the world over.

From Charlie and the Chocolate family to the award-winning movie Chocolat, the confectionary good is as influential and addictive as they get.

However, as the saying goes, A chocolate a day can keep depression away. There is a magic about chocolate taken in measured doses that just uplifts the spirit.

Here are some brilliant ideas for all chocolate lovers in keeping with World Chocolate Day, which was celebrated on Thursday, July 7.

1. A chocolate dipping sauce

melted chocolate

It’s not unusual to use chocolate as a dipping sauce; people of all ages enjoy it all over the world!

Having said that, fondue is the first meal that springs to mind when thinking about chocolate for dipping. You can mix chocolate with a variety of goodies, such as almonds, brownies, cookies, ice cream, fruits, and marshmallows, in a traditional and delectable chocolate fondue.

In addition, chocolate is used in churros, cookies, ice cream sandwiches, the coating of strawberries and other fruits, and many more sweets. Along with foods like waffles, french toast, and pancakes, it is frequently served as a sauce.

2. Put It in A Drink


Adding chocolate to your favorite cocktails or beverages for a festive yet delectable creation is one of the most common uses for chocolate.

Chocolate pairs well with a range of alcoholic beverages, whether it be rum, tequila, bourbon, or something fancier like a martini, cold brew whiskey, or something festive. The two together make the drink even more luxurious and delicious, giving you a new way to experience chocolate.

3 For Use as a Dessert Garnish

Adding chocolate as a garnish to desserts that don’t contain a lot of chocolate might improve the flavor profiles of the meal.

For instance, a chocolate crumb or tuile might make a raspberry sorbet taste even more luscious. Similar to how tempered chocolate can be used to improve the cosmetic appeal of a berry tart or crème caramel while also boosting its flavor.

While the majority of people use chocolate for sweets where the ingredient is called for in the recipe, you can think about using it as a garnish.

 4. Enjoy a Delicious Chocolate Drink

 It can be incredibly opulent to sip on liquid chocolate in the shape of a beverage.
You’ll know exactly what we’re talking about if you picture a cup of delectable hot chocolate with a pinch of cinnamon powder and a few marshmallows.

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Warm chocolate drinks may be rich and indulgent, giving you a completely new way to enjoy chocolate. There are many different ways you can test out these delectable hot chocolate concoctions, from Melt’s own exquisite hot chocolate collection to traditional French hot chocolate recipes.

5. Making Yummy Chocolate Treats

chocolate cake

 Cooking with chocolate is becoming more and more popular, and it entails combining chocolate with both sweet and savory elements. There are many dishes you can make with chocolate, such as braised ribs with chocolate and beer or beautiful desserts made by tempering chocolate.

There are many ways to incorporate chocolate into savory recipes. Some well-liked variations on using chocolate include savory grilled chicken, pasta with chili chocolate, mole, etc.

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