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Ruto, Raila Launch Multi-Sectoral Dialogue Team

President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga have jointly announced the commencement of a Multi-Sectoral Dialogue Team.  The initiative will see the involvement of 150 Kenyans representing a diverse cross-section of the society. Among these, 50 slots have been specifically allocated for youth. The initiative is in response to the recent political unrest in the country.


The deliberations will cover a wide range of topics, including governance, economic development, social justice, security, and environmental sustainability. Moreover, each session will aim to produce actionable recommendations that would be implemented by the government and other stakeholders.

The nation have been marred with unrest owing to the anti-finance bill protests

By including a significant number of young people in the dialogue team, the initiative seeks to harness the energy, creativity, and innovative ideas of Kenya’s youth. The dialogue, set to begin on Monday, will span six days of intensive deliberations, bringing together representatives from various sectors, including civil society, academia, business, and community organizations.

President William Ruto expressed his optimism about the dialogue, stating, “This initiative marks a significant step towards building a united and prosperous Kenya. By bringing together diverse voices, we can develop comprehensive solutions that reflect the needs and aspirations of all Kenyans.”

Raila Odinga echoed this sentiment, highlighting the importance of dialogue in resolving conflicts and fostering national unity. “We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history. It is imperative that we come together, listen to each other, and work collaboratively to address our common challenges,” he said.

The announcement has been met with a mix of anticipation and cautious optimism. Civil society groups, youth organizations, and political analysts have welcomed the initiative, emphasizing the need for genuine dialogue and tangible outcomes. However, a section of social media users has blasted the move terming it a redundant strategy for solving the nation’s never-ending issues.

One user on X, bashed the opposition leader for getting involved in the prevailing issue. “That’s why the movement said it’s leaderless. We knew how turncoats like Raila Odinga behave with opportunism. He knows his real Throne is in danger because the real leaderless opposition has appeared. Not that gatekeeping of his for government to keep the masses in poverty as he collects cheques. He has aligned with his true friends . He is an enemy of the people,” posted @Gitaooh.

Another User, @aregah_michael said, “We won’t condone a group of the political elite regrouping to share the spoils. Ours is a leaderless tribeless and party less movement and we don’t need any regional kingpins to negotiate on our favor. We have tabled our issues.


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