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Anxiety: Fear Carried On By The Youth

Anxiety is the excruciating fear of what the future holds together with your day-to-day life experiences. The unknown at most times holds the negative energy of fear around it. Anxiety is also known to be caused by trauma that occurs to an individual at a young age.


For most young people who have just complicated their higher education anxiety is something presently experienced in their lives.

Not knowing the point to start from when it comes to either searching for a job or starting the business of their choice can be a dire and problematic period. In many situations, anxiety is followed by panic attacks.

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Panic attacks are episodes also full of fears experienced unexpectedly due to a trigger, one might even find it hard to breathe. Some people may believe anxiety and panic attacks to be the same but there is a slight difference.

Anxiety attacks are caused by triggers that accumulate over a while. This is while panic attacks occur immediately after coming across a triggering experience. There are ways to control this episode and regain your stress-free life.

When experiencing panic or anxiety attacks breathing exercises are well advised. Counting from one to the number of your choice while breathing in and out will help you relax your mind.

Distracting yourself from the situation causing the attack will help in stopping it. This will work for panic attacks this is because these types of attacks are caused by an immediate experienced situation, unlike anxiety. Listening to music or playing games is a way to take your mind off things.

For anxiety, professional help is the best way to deal with it. Anxiety in most cases comes due to unresolved trauma one has experienced.  Having a listening ear to the matter that has impacted your life this much will help in relieving you of it.

As a young person trying to navigate life myself, the need to take a step back and appreciate how far I have made it is needed.

Do not pressure yourself to the verge of self-destruction.


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