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Attacks on the Deputy President are Far From Over

Members of Parliament, Cabinet Secretaries and Members of the County Assembly have continued to lodge a barrage of harsh words against Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.


On Sunday, June 16, a letter to the DP by Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Performance and Delivery Management Moses Kuria leaked to the public. The letter contained serious allegations, including that the DP had stopped taking tea at State House.

Cabinet Secretary for Public Service Moses Kuria making an address.

In the letter, Kuria asks if Cabinet Secretaries will be safe taking tea at the Deputy President’s residence, considering the DP himself doesn’t take tea at State House.

“Now you have refused to even have a cup of tea in State House, saying you fear you will be poisoned. Make me understand how you now expect us to feel safe coming to your Karen residence for Cabinet Committee meetings. Won’t you also poison us now that you have a good idea of how poisoning works?”

Kuria alleges that the DP asked for Ksh 10 billion to “fix the ground” in Mt. Kenya when there was discontent. He asks, in his letter, how that money would have helped the people of Mt. Kenya. He goes on to state that he is aware that DP Rigathi pressed for his firing from cabinet and when that did not go as he had wanted, Moses Kuria was transferred.

In a post on his X platform, Kuria insinuated that the impeachment of Rigathi was soon to be tabled.

Whether that is true or not we wait to see. What has materialised, however, is that Members of Parliament of Kenya Kwanza want action taken against Gachagua for his tribal remarks.

“We also expect him to tell his Deputy to stop being tribal and focus on his National Agenda. We expect that because if he doesn’t then the members will tell him (the deputy party leader) that you are a bit too much in terms of being very tribal,” Majority Whip Sylvanus Osoro said.

Attacks on Deputy President far from over
Majority Whip Sylvanus Osoro.

In yet another incident, Kenya Kwanza Leaders allied to the President have told off the Deputy President. Speaking in Kangundo, Ukambani, the leader of the majority Kimani Ichungwa had this to say:

“…tusisimame juu ya magari kuwachochea Wakenya kwa misingi ya ukabila ama kulilia wananchi kwa mambo yetu ya kibinafsi.”

The majority whip Osoro mockingly likened the DP to a deputy principal of a school who goes to the students to report that the prefects are not listening to him. The leaders strongly came out to speak against tribal politics.

Is the tension between the President and his deputy real? Bearing in mind the remarks by Babu Owino that it’s just politics, the ongoing events have us asking questions. Yet as it is, the attack on the Deputy President is far from over.

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