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Tension Between DP Rigathi and President Ruto’s Allies

Even as the Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua continues to say that there exists a good working relationship between him and the President William Ruto, questions continue to arise on whether his exchange with Ruto allies will spill over to his relationship with the President.


“Mimi na rais tunafanya kazi nzuri, tunapendana, tunapanga kazi yetu. Amenipatia kazi mingi hata ingine inanishinda. Ameniwezesha kuendelea na kazi yangu. Kwa hivyo serikali yetu iko imara. Tunaendelea na kazi,” he said.

He went on to praise the President, “Rais William Ruto ni kiongozi wa kuaminika, ni kiongozi mzalendo, ni kiongozi wa kuunganisha watu, ni kiongozi hana ukabila, ni kiongozi wa kuchunga watu wake.”

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua addressing a gathering in Eldoret. Credit: The Star

Despite this, Rigathi Gachagua had a few things to say to Rift Valley leaders while he was in Eldoret.

“Sasa iko wengine mmeshikana hapa Rift Valley na vijana ingine uko kwetu eti wanapanga siasa ya 2032. Nyinyi mnataka kumrithi rais William Ruto akiwa hai?’’ he asked, visibly vexed.

He added that a few leaders from the Rift Valley region who have proximity to the President are trying to involve themselves in the politics of Mt. Kenya. In his speech, he invoked the support his tribesmen had given the President, echoing that they deserve to be respected enough to be allowed to organize their own politics.

As all this happens, a section of Rift Valley leaders have shown support for Rigathi Gachagua. Cabinet Secretary for Roads and Transport Kipchumba Murkomen encouraged him by saying that the reason people appear to be interested in succession politics is that his seat is valuable.

Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen making an address. Credit: The Kenya Times

Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi responded to the DP saying, “ati huyu Oscar Sudi asizunguke, akae kwa constituency yake. Na saa hiyo unaongea uko kwa constituency ya mwingine. Tafuteni mtu mwingine kwanza wa kutisha. Mimi nilipita vitisho kitambo. Mimi ni mtu nimefanya vita mingi. Hiyo vita yenu ni kidogo na ni baridi.”

Oscar Sudi’s comments led Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok to reprimand him seriously saying he is causing them shame. He added that the Deputy President should be respected for supporting President Ruto when he was vying for the seat.

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