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Police Officers Lament About Neglect

A picture of police officers having milk and bread for what could possibly be lunch after the Madaraka day celebrations received wide circulation on social media. Kenyans likened the situation to what high school students eat whenever they go to music festival celebrations while others expressed sympathy.

Police Officers having milk and bread for lunch after Madaraka day celebrations. Credit: Kenya Gossip Club

“Alafu polisi wakichukua hongo mnarecord,” Derick Omunya wrote.

“Kwani wametoka music festivals za high school,’’ another comment read.

A concerned social media user tagged Charlene Ruto, the first lady and State House Kenya in the comments.

Police officers who sought anonymity came out to say that they lived in deplorable conditions as they prepared for the 61st Madaraka day celebrations.

“Ilipofika wakati wa tea break chai ya saa nne, Kenya Police sisi tulikuwa hatuletewi but other departments walikuwa wanaletewa tu chai. Sisi tumeamshwa saa tisa. Tumeenda uwanja 5 ju uwanja ilikuwa mbali tunabebwa na malorry. Halafu baada ya rehearsal saa nne hakuna kitu ya kula.”

“I’m calling upon the CS Mr. Kindiki and the Inspector General and all the concerned bodies…to look into this matter.”

They lamented that they were given dirty uniforms and told what was important was their performance before the President.

The officers reported that usually they are asked for Ksh. 5000 to cover for their uniforms when they ought to be given uniforms by the government. It is reported that they arrived in Bungoma a month ahead of the Madaraka day celebrations to rehearse.

Furthermore, they said they would eat rice and beans daily while at their camp.

“Tumekuwa tukipatiwa lunch mchele na maharagwe on a daily basis. Halafu supper tunapatiwa cabbage na ugali….Kama wewe hutumii hiyo si shida kwao, haiwahusu.”

In addition, the officers lamented that they are not allowed to speak to the media about their problems. They would be threatened with a transfer whenever they tried to speak up.

President Ruto inspects a guard of honour at the Madaraka day celebrations in Bungoma. Credit: Kenya Digital News

Kenyan police officers are known for receiving handouts, possibly because of low wages. It is also a custom that during national holidays, the President inspects a parade of police officers yet as it emerges, they are not well taken care of before these performances.

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