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Rift Deepens Between President Ruto and DP Gachagua

The rift between President Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua is now public knowledge. The two have recently made remarks that contradict one another.


The Deputy President had come out asking Members of Parliament to mind their own business in the constituencies that elected them.

“Kila mtu achunge constituency yake. Stay in your constituency. Sasa wewe umechaguliwa pahali ingine interest yako Kesses ni gani? Uko na interest? Sasa wewe unakuja kuhangaisha mjumbe na wewe uko na kwako,’’ Rigathi said.

In response to him, President Ruto made contradictory remarks. Speaking at an interdenominational church service at Kimilili constituency, the head of state had this to say:

“I want to encourage you as Members of Parliament to represent your constituencies effectively but to also move around Kenya so that you understand and discharge your responsibilities better.”

Futhermore, he interpreted the DP’s recent comments about the politics of Mt. Kenya as tribal politics which he spoke against.

“Na naelewa hatari ya siasa ya kugawanya watu kwa misingi ya ukabila. Nataka niwasihi, tafadhali, nirudie tena, tafadhali, sisi tulio viongozi tusitembee barabara telezi ya kugawanya wakenya kwa misingi ya kabila.”

On Friday May 31 in Nyandarua county, the Deputy President used his mother tongue to call for regional unity of the people of the mountain and he prophesied gloomy days ahead. He claimed someone was plotting against the people of Central Kenya.

To this, the President responded, “The future of our nation is great. We are a great nation. We are a blessed country. Na msikubali, nawaomba kwa unyenyekevu. Wale wanaotutabiria giza na kututabiria maovu kule mbele hizo ndimi naomba maaskofu muombe zikome. I am very confident about the future of Kenya. What we need is to stay united.’’

He added that Members of Parliament are free to roam around Kenya so that they understand it more.

These remarks are the latest on the growing rift between the President and his deputy, a rift that began between Rigathi and the President’s allies.

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