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Just Ivy Africa: Interesting Facts Few Know About Her

She goes by the name Ivy Wanjiru Mugo. She came into the limelight as part of the friend group that had the YouTube channel Over 25. Over 25 was made of Jules, Lornzie, Shikie and Ivy. The group decided to create content separately in 2023, a move they announced on their YouTube channel. Afterwards Ivy changed her Instagram name to Just_Ivy_Africa. The rest of the Over 25 members are also doing their own thing.

The Over 25 members. From left Jules, Ivy, Shikie and Lornzie. Credit: K24TV

Ivy was born on 20th October 1988 at Guru Nanak Hospital. She has four siblings, one of them is a man. That means her parents had three girls and one boy. She is the second born. When they were growing up, her father insisted that her and her sisters keep their hair short.

Interestingly, all her siblings are 4 years apart. Which means the gap between all of them is 4 years. She grew up in Kilimani, where they moved from Kahawa West.

Ivy attended Riara Primary School. Her dad was once the Deputy Managing Director for Uchumi Supermarket. This she says made her shopping experience different.

Ivy Mugo and her dad. Credit: Ivy/Instagram

“My supermarket experience compared to any other regular Kenyan (aki I’m sorry) was different. You drive into the supermarket you’re greeted like Oh my god Madam Madam. We only used to shop with vouchers. And the vouchers had a lot of signatures. And I have my dad’s signature tattooed right here. So we only used to shop with vouchers. So my mum used to have like a weekly allowance. I would buy books every week. Our shopping was worth 30 gees every week back then. My supermarket experience was different. I used to go to the godowns. So I used to know what products are coming before they come. Whenever I used to go to school I would have new crips, new cereals…,” she recounts.

She describes, in her usual articulate speech, that she learnt budgeting from her dad. Fun fact? Her dad bought her her first thesaurus.

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