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Joanna lasted less than a month at her first job, she says

Influencer and entrepreneur Joanna Kinuthia disclosed that she only lasted less than a month at her first job. In a lengthy interview with Cindy Muriuki of the Cre8 podcast, she said her dad advised her to quit the job (if she wanted to) when she was still living at home and had no responsibilities.


“Once he said that I went in and I gave in my resignation but I lied, I said ati I have another job…. And they actually increased my salary. At that time when I joined I think they were paying me 25k. And he said you know this was just like a probation salary, we’re going to push your salary up to 70k. That did not phase me at all. Mind you, I was leaving for nothing. I was going to pursue this creative thing that I didn’t even know if people were making money from. That’s how much I knew I didn’t want that job.’’

She says she quit her job in July 2017 and in September of the same year, she secured her first brand deal. She was paid Ksh 30,000 for it.

Joanna K Cosmetics’ eyeshadow palette. Credit: Joanna K Cosmetics

Joanna details that she began creating content on Facebook in 2016. That is prior to creating content on YouTube which is what she came to be known for. She ventured into the latter in 2017.

She holds a degree in Bachelor of Commerce, with a major in Marketing. At the moment, Joanna has her own cosmetic line dubbed Joanna K Cosmetics which she began with only an eyeshadow palette and four lipsticks. The brand has grown to include lip gloss and eye lashes.

Joanna Kinuthia celebrating her graduation. Credit: Joanna Kinuthia/YouTube

Joanna Kinuthia has expressed that she doesn’t feel like she has used her degree much. Rather, what was more useful to her was her university experience.

The Content Creator is currently in a relationship with musician Chris Kaiga. She is also a cat mom to two “lovely” cats.

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