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Diana Bahati Tells Why She Hid Her Child’s Face

Musician Bahati’s wife who is a songstress herself Diana Bahati, has revealed why she hid the face of her child Malaika from the public. In a video that went up on her YouTube, she goes into detail about how much effort it took her and her nannies to hide Malaika’s face.


“And guys, for the very very first time, nilikuwa nimewaambia let’s get to a million subscribers so that you can see baby Malaika,” an excited Diana remarked.

She goes on to say that the plan was to unveil Malaika on Netflix and that when she posted the child by mistake her husband got upset.

The thumbnail for The Bahatis’ new reality show. Credit: The Kenya Times

“…it is because of Baha. Alikuwa ameniambia usipost huyo mtoto. Because guys it’s not that ati oh vile mtu anataka kusema…eh my baby is special. And I’ll post my baby anyday I feel like. Even if she is not the only baby in the world. This is me. She is my baby… my daughter. She is my everything. Yes. I will post her ile siku nataka kumpost. And the strategy was now let’s post her on Netflix.”

Baby Malaika will be seen on the Bahati’s reality show The Bahati’s Empire which premieres tomorrow. The reality show will be the first Kenyan reality show on Netflix. Speaking of reality shows, it evokes memories of Kyallo Kulture which was produced by Eugene Mbugua.

Diana said local doors had closed on them. That this was an idea they had presented locally and it was rejected. She detailed that only Netflix was accepting of the idea.

Bahati’s Instagram post. Credit: Bahati on Instagram

Celebrities who will be seen on the show are The Murayas (Size 8 and Dj Mo), The WaJesus family (Milly and Kabi wa Jesus), Terence Creative, Jacky Matubia, Senator Karen Nyamu, Jalang’o and Mike Sonko.

Diana and her husband recently caused a stir online when they unfollowed each other. Bahati posted a picture of his wife with footballer Victor Wanyama captioning it with broken hearts. The picture left the internet in a buzz. Netizens speculated that there was trouble in their union. Turns out it was a deliberate move to drive traffic to their projects because that evening, Diana Bahati addressed their fans.  

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