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Ian Njoroge was Molested While in Police Custody, Claims Lawyer

A 19-year-old boy who was arrested after being captured on camera beating a police officer, Ian Njoroge, has now, through his lawyers, alleged that he was molested during the incident. According to his legal representatives, he was not only subjected to molestation but also endured severe mistreatment, including being manhandled and beaten until his clothes were stained with blood.

“From the time of arrest to the time the accused person has been brought before you your honour there have been grave violations of his rights. The accused person your honour, was assaulted, in a very bad way. First of all, the officer who is a complainant here assaulted this accused person in his vehicle. I will just summarise that as manhandling. I don’t want to go past that. But what he did in that car, we will summarise it as manhandle. And it is something that is not right. Something that can make someone go berserk,” his lawyer said.

His lawyer went on to explain that Ian was allegedly molested in his mother’s house at the time of his arrest, an ordeal that caused him to faint. Upon arrival at the police station, Ian purportedly endured further physical abuse to the extent that he began bleeding. Additionally, a voice recording purportedly featuring Ian Njoroge being coerced into making self-incriminating statements was played during the proceedings.

Ian Njoroge in court. Credit: The Star

According to his lawyers, Ian was escorted to the courthouse by 21 police officers. During the court proceedings, his legal team argued vehemently against his prolonged detention and that he was not involved in robbery with violence against the police officer in question. They pleaded before the court for Ian’s release on cash bail, asserting his innocence in the matter.

The court ordered that he be escorted to Kenyatta National Hospital and that he be granted access to his lawyer at all times to prevent further violation of his rights. Ian was arrested at their home in Jacaranda on Sunday evening. He claimed he acted out of frustration when the officer asked for an amount he did not have as a bribe.

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