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Andrew Kibe Reveals He Made Ksh 500K a Month on Radio

Former Kiss 100 Radio Presenter and now YouTuber Andrew Kibe would make half a million at one of his radio jobs. This he revealed in a YouTube interview with Eric on Every Other Time With Eric.


“For me even when I was working on radio the only reason why radio was tolerable was because I knew at the end of the month I was getting half a mic,” he said.

An advert for Kamene and Kibe on Kiss. Image: Kiss 100 Kenya

Kibe revealed in that same interview that he began his YouTube channel as his last resort because he had decided he was not going to come back to Kenya broke. He began his YouTube channel in the US.

His channel was later shut down, and he claims it was a punitive move by people who didn’t like him. He narrated how he woke up and found about five or six channels of his had been taken down by YouTube.

Kibe addressing his fans on YouTube. Credit: The Standard Kenya

After that happened, Kibe says he leveraged his connections to go to the US.

“At the time I was running Rogue radio. So when I was going to Statoe in my head I was going to build the biggest radio station. I was going to look for investors and I thought the Kenyans in America would embrace me when I got there,” he said.

Later on in the interview, he detailed how Kenyans in America invited him into a Clubhouse forum to tell him off. Clubhouse is a social media platform with virtual rooms where users can communicate with one another.

He described that one of his first YouTube paychecks was 1000 dollars. That, according to him, is small money. With the money, he bought a Mercedes S550.

Andrew Kibe has been not only on Kiss 100, but also on NRG Radio. He was a co-host to Kamene Goro whom he seemingly has differences with over what he said about her on his channel. When we talk of salaries, there are those who make peanuts and there are those like Andrew Kibe who have made half a million. Lanes my friend! Different lanes.

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