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Brand Africa announces Africa’s Best Brands

Brand Africa has announced its top 100 African Best Brands according to research and rankings. Non-African brands took the largest share of the list. Only 14% of the list was African brands. That translates to only 14 brands of the top 100.


This is the second year that African brands are making up 14% of their top 100 list. The most admired African brands are:

  1. MTN South Africa, a telecommunications group
  2. Dangote Nigeria
  3. Trade Kings Zambia
  4. Glo, a Nigerian telecommunications group
  5. DSTV, a South African brand
  6. Ethiopian airlines
  7. Azam group
  8. Jumia
  9. Econet
  10. Nasco brands
  11. Bathu shoes
  12. Shoprite
  13. Peak Milk
  14. Woolworths

The nations that are represented by the 14 brands are: South Africa with 5 brands, Nigeria with 5 brands, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania each with one brand.

MTN logo. Credit: African Financials

Europe had 37 brands in the list. The top 5 most admired brands in Africa are Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Coca Cola and Apple.

Brand Africa has noted how non-African brands continue to be listed by Africans when they are asked what African brands they admire. Brands like these that easily came at the top of consumer’s brains are: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Samsung, Lacoste, Total Energies and Guinness.

Brands that ranked highly in caring for environmental and social concerns while making profit are the UN and UNICEF (number 1 NGO), CocaCola (the number 1 non-African organization) and MTN (the number 1 African brand).

Coca-Cola logo. Credit: Vecteezy

Brand Africa conducts research in over 30 markets. These 30 markets account for about 85% of the continent’s GDP. The research is done by its independent research partners namely Kantar, GeoPoll (in Sub-Saharan Africa), Integrate (in North Africa) and Analysis (in the East African Islands).

The results are published as the cover story in the June edition of African Business, a business magazine that has been in operation since 1966. Over the next few weeks, Brand Africa will release country-specific results in key countries across Africa.

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