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Need Money? Businesses to Venture into in Kenya

The youth are taking a step back from corporate jobs and venturing into setting up their businesses. With the number of graduates increasing every year, job opportunities have become rare to find. It is no surprise to see young Kenyan graduates in the streets holding up signs asking for employment, showing how difficult it has become to get decent jobs in Kenya.


With the current economy affecting many of the youths a need for diversification in different workspaces has risen. We now see well-educated graduates venture into jobs such as car repair services and cafes.

The Kenyan youth’s diversion from the narrative of traditional education has been necessitated by the need to create wealth and find opportunities. With the Kenyan economy feeling the pinch and Kenyans struggling to make ends meet, a deep dive into alternative ways of making a livelihood is needed.

Here are some interesting jobs you can venture into in Kenya with as low as Ksh 10,000;

Venture into agricultural products. Food is a necessity for every human being and selling agricultural products that are consumed daily is a widely marketable business. with less than Ksh 10,000 you could start this lucrative business. The main requirement when it comes to setting up this type of business is having a reliable distributor of quality products.

Research on the market before starting the business is also important. Places you could partner and distributor for are; supermarkets, food marts, and the local mama mboga.

Poultry farming is a business with rapid growth in the country. For less than Ksh 130 you can be a chick owner. This type of farming requires you to go for training and be inquisitive about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to raising chicks. Chickens tend to be very delicate when it comes to diseases the need to be prepared for such situations by ensuring vaccination and a clean environment for the chickens is needed.

Offering errand services. This is a new offered service in the market that anyone can venture into. With the errand services, you look for clients who do not have time to run their errands and you offer your services at a fee. The only financial requirement when it comes to starting this business is your transport money to and from the place where you are going to purchase your client’s needs.

As Kenyan youth, we have to be on the lookout for opportunities that are on the rise.


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