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Senator Khalwale Lectures Cherarkey While Defending Doctors

Senator Khalwale vs Cherarkey Defending Doctors

During the Senate proceedings, Kakamega County Senator, Boni Khalwale, recently had a fiery exchange of words with Nandi County, Samson Cherarkey.


“The same doctors you are vilifying, Senator Cherarkey, where were you in your primary school when your classmate beat you and qualified with better grades to become a doctor and you couldn’t? Mr. Speaker, I request the senator of Nandi to be apologetic,” said Khalwale in his usual eloquent manner.

Senator Khalwale added that it is because adult education is now possible that Senator Cherarkey is a lawyer.

Nandi County Senator Samson Cherargei speaks to the press in parliament over the issues of Nandi County on October 19, 2023. Ezekial Aminga/Star

“Otherwise traditionally he should not appear in court at all, because it is only gumbaru that has allowed him to become a lawyer,” this suggests that Senator Cherarkey only became a lawyer after adult education.

“He should be told the people he is berating are the same ones who got an A in Maths, an A in Physics, an A in Chemistry. An A in everything when he was struggling with C-, C, those kinds of things. We must pay doctors.”

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Senator Mandago rose to his feet to correct Senator Khalwale, remarking that if Khalwale cannot prove that Senator Cherarkey got a C- then he should withdraw and apologise. After this, Khalwale withdrew his statement, albeit half-heartedly.

“Mr.Speaker if it pleases the senator of Uasin Gishu I have withdrawn. But withdrawing does not change the fact. It simply means the fact has been removed from the menu.”

He later added that senators have an IQ of above 140.

Parliamentary proceedings can sometimes be humorous, as some members say the wittiest and snide remarks as they put across their points. On the matter of whether Senator Cherarkey has a law degree or not, the parliament website indicates that he holds a Postgraduate Diploma from the Kenya School of Law which he got in 2016. It is indicated that he has a degree from Moi University, but we have yet to establish what kind it is.


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