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Our Wives Now Want Us To Hold Their Hands, DP Tells President

The National Prayer Breakfast is happening today at Safari Park Hotel Nairobi. Amidst the seriousness of the meeting, a little humour is not lacking. Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua did not hesitate to make a light-hearted comment that amused not only the President, but also those present.


“But your excellency allow me as a truthful man to tell you, there was some little challenge arising from your trip,” he began. One would think he was about to break some serious news. “All Kenyans were monitoring what you were doing in the States. There is something that you were doing there that created problems to many husbands across the country. When you were walking there holding the hand of the first lady, it put us back here under a lot of immense pressure. Your excellency, our spouses, led by mine Pastor Dorcas, were demanding that we emulate the President and hold their hand wherever we go.”

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s wife Dorcas Gachagua.

The First Lady and The President were caught on camera beaming at his remarks. Gachagua went on to add that his wife not only wanted to be walked to the car, she also wanted her hand held within the house. In addition, he said that together with Musalia they knew that the gesture would cause problems within their households.

The audience can be heard laughing in excitement. The DP promised to hold his wife’s hand in their upcoming trip to the US ‘as long as they are on American soil.’

The President holding The First Lady’s hand during his State Visit to the US. Credit: Abass Mohamed on X

In response to these humorous comments, the President joked that he had been summoned by the men’s conference, a call he was going to heed.

The men’s conference is a fictitious event that is mentioned in jokes online. Word is that the conference is usually about men’s wellness, chauvinistic ideas and other ideas from the Red Pill Movement.  

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