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Nairobi Clubbing Scene, Type of Drunks

The Nairobi nightlife is one full of gist. The club scene is one of the biggest sides of entertainment in Kenya and most of us take pleasure in indulging in it with a drink or two when it comes to going out.


Well for me a night out is more pleasureful when I have my girls around me. We engage in laughter while doing our makeup, helping each other pick the outfit to wear, and also choosing the location that will fall victim to our guilty pleasures.

In the club scene, we always have different people when it comes to getting drunk. Those different personas that take over our thoughts and led to us acting completely out of character. We all have different ways we act when alcohol hits our system.

The runner is a character that does not miss in any drunk friend group. With runners, the minute they get the smallest sip of alcohol they get lost and make new friends. Such friends always put us in the such and rescue mood. The worry that comes with having such friends because we do not know where to find them is always excruciating.

The loud friend, “Do you know who I am,’’ a common phrase used by them. The drunk loud friend is one that you try to control but bears no fruits. In most instances, this friend will get you guys kicked out of that usual spot due to them causing too much drama.

‘’Sija Lewa’’ this friend will have you buying water to sober them up only for them to end up blacking out. A lot of manpower is needed when it comes to getting them home because their only way out of the club is by you carrying them out.

The madly in-love drunk friend. If you have never hated love this friend will push you into hating it. The constant stories about how in love they are followed with nonstop calls to the love of their lives will have you exhausted.

The WWE wrestler. with this friend getting into a fight will be their solution to everything when they get drunk. Always be prepared to raise the white flag for peace when you are out with them.

As much as they are exhausting to have around they make going out so much fun, a laugh in the morning always gets us back in a good mood with them.


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