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Humorous Exchange Between Senator Sifuna and Senator Cherarkey


International Tea Day was marked on May 21. While speaking on the same during the senate proceedings, Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna seemingly mocked Nandi Senator Samson Cherarkey for being in the country while government officials were abroad, saying that his aggressive defence of the government is not getting him anywhere.

Nandi Senator Samson Cherarkey. Credit: The Star

“Mr. Speaker first of all I am aware that the entire government is in the US. So I was looking across the aisle and seeing some of the most vociferous defenders of this government. I thought they would be on this trip but they are here celebrating International Tea Day with us. This should be a clear lesson that shouting hoarse from the other side will not endear you to the presidency, Mr. Speaker,” Senator Sifuna said without flinching.

To which Senator Cherarkey promptly responded saying “Mr. Speaker, you cannot allow Senator Sifuna to be cantankerous…’’

He said the Senate under the parliament is an independent arm of government and that the trip was taken by members of the executive. Furthermore, he said that there cannot be an expectation that trips involving members of the executive will include parliamentarians yet they have their budget.

“Is he making it in good faith Mr Speaker? Or is he jealous that he was left out of the trip, can he be clear?” Cherarkey mocked.

The exchange did not end there. Sifuna was not about to take his comments lying down. He retorted, “Honorable Speaker, I want members of this house to reflect on their standing. When you are only invited to trips to the goat auction in Mogotio but others are taken to the US you should reflect on your standing within your own party.”

Senator Sifuna is known for his good sense of humour when making his addresses. On the other hand, Senator Cherarkey is not new to exchanges. His most recent exchange was with the current Senator for Kakamega County, Senator Boni Khalwale.

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