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Fuel Prices are down by Ksh 1 in the latest EPRA Review

In the latest review by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority, which will be in force until 14th June, pump prices have dropped by Sh. 1 per litter.


The presser released by the regulatory authority on Tuesday revealed that in Nairobi, the price of super petrol will retail at Ksh192.84, diesel will retail at Ksh179.18, and Kerosene at Ksh168.76. While, Super petrol will retail at Ksh189.66, diesel at Ksh176.01, and kerosene at Ksh165.59 in Mombasa.

Across East Africa, the price of super petrol retails at Ksh166.34, diesel retails at Ksh160.42, and Kerosene at Ksh142.55 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The average cost of a litre of diesel fuel is around Ksh173.59 in Uganda, up from about Ksh147.10 from the period to December 2023 and the start of the year 2024.

The Authority further stated that the prices are inclusive of the 16 percent Value Added Tax in line with the provisions of the Finance Act 2023, the Tax Laws (Amendment) Act 2020, and the revised rates for excise duty adjusted for inflation as per Legal Notice No. 194 of 2020.

Manufacturers and service providers incorporate fuel expenses into the pricing of their goods and services. Similarly, power producers include fuel costs in the charges that are passed on to consumers through the fuel cost charge.

The Petroleum Pricing Regulations cap the retail prices of petroleum products already in the country so that importation and other prudently incurred costs are recovered while ensuring reasonable prices to consumers.

“EPRA wishes to assure the public of its continued commitment to the observance of fair competition and protection of the interests of both consumers and investors in the energy and petroleum sectors.


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