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Bully; Sakaja To Gachagua In The UDA Wrangles

The UDA party is currently embroiled in internal conflict, with members engaging in verbal battles with one another. Deputy President Gachagua has been the focal point of the party’s drama, particularly regarding his alleged fallout with President Ruto, which he has promptly denied.


“Huwezi kuwa you are bullying people for two years, then unatajwa wiki moja unaanza kulia. Do you know bullies are the biggest cowards?

Johnson Sakaja

Deputy President Gachagua stirred up drama in the UDA party by accusing Rift Valley Politicians close to President Ruto of undermining his political powers and disrupting political peace in Mount Kenya.

“The problem is a few leaders here from this region who have proximity to the President ndio wanakoroga siasa ya huko kwetu kudanganya watu eti waaanze kupanga mambo ya 2032,” he said.

“The few people here wamefura wamekuwa na kiburi nyingi, wanafikiria ati sasa wamefika wanaweza kuja huko eti wapange viongozi wa mlima, ata sisi hatutakuja kuwapangia siasa yenu, lazima tuheshimiane.”

Nairobi Governor Sakaja, who has been relatively quiet amidst the political conflicts within his party, broke his silence yesterday. While at the Boma of Kenya for the UDA elections preparation, Governor Sakaja indirectly referred to the Deputy President as a bully for targeting subordinate leaders.


Sakaja dared the DP to run for the Nairobi County governorship in the 2027 elections if he did not respect his capacity as an elected official.

“Huwezi kuwa you are bullying people for two years, then unatajwa wiki moja unaanza kulia. Do you know bullies are the biggest cowards? Mpaka unaenda sijui kwa msitu, sijui wapi…if you want respect, respect other leaders,

“If you don’t respect those leaders, then respect the people who put them there. I’ve been through a lot and I’m not easily intimidated, nobody has the right to say I was given the seat. I was elected,” Sakaja stated emphatically. In 2027, you are free to run for any elective post, run and be Nairobi Governor.”

Following Sakaja’s scathing remarks about the Deputy President and calling him out for playing the victim, Deputy President Gachagua’s allies from the party criticized Nairobi Governor Sakaja.

‘He must mature politically and if he has his direct issues with the deputy president he must solve them out of the public’s eyes’ stated Embakasi North MP James Gakuya who is Governor Sakaja’s rival in the UDA Chairperson seat in Nairobi.

The internal disputes continued as UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala issued a warning against Githunguri MP Gathoni Wamuchomba, Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi, and Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga.

In his statement directed to the three individuals, the Secretary-General spoke about their actions, which he stated went against the UDA party. He mentioned that disciplinary action would be taken against them if they continued with their behaviour.

The next step for the ruling party is a much-anticipated plan that many of us are waiting for.

This political manoeuvre has led many Kenyans to anticipate the dissolution of the ruling party, while others consider it a strategic tactic to divert attention from the finance bill.


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