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Kenyan Nanny in Heartmelting Video Gifted Trip to Maasai Mara

Rosie Maasai Mara collage

Rosie, the Kenyan nanny who recently captured the world’s attention with her heartmelting farewell video of her departing Lebanon for her home, has received a generous gift of a fully paid three-day trip to the enchanting Maasai Mara, from Expedition Maasai Safaris, a prominent travel company.


Rosie’s emotional departure from Lebanon captivated the hearts of Kenyans and netizens the world over, prompting Expedition Maasai Safaris to extend this thoughtful gesture as a token of appreciation for her hard work.

“We were deeply moved by Rozah’s story and her incredible bond with the family she serves in Lebanon,” said Pancras Karema, CEO of Expeditions Maasai Safaris. “Her selflessness and love embody the spirit of compassion that we cherish at Expeditions Maasai Safaris,” he added.

Amidst the limelight, Rosie graciously acknowledged the kind treatment she received in Lebanon.

“What I know is they treated me well. The day of exit was my saddest. I could not believe I was leaving such a kind family. The kids even called me mom and treated me like family. I had mixed feelings. On the other hand, I felt happy that I was going home, back to my family and children,” she expressed, focusing on the positive aspects of her experience.

Addressing speculation about her Lebanon employers leveraging her for TikTok fame, Rosie quickly dispelled such notions.

“The family is rich, and they have been famous even before I went there. So, the talk about being exploited…I don’t know anything about it,” she clarified.

The mother of three headed to Lebanon in October 2021, in search of better opportunities, driven by the desire to provide a good life for her kids amid a troubled marriage.

“I went there to find greener pastures and give my kids a good life. At the time, my marriage wasn’t working, and I was determined to make a positive change. I was scared but prayed for a good family,” she shared.

Upon arrival, Rosie was pleasantly surprised by her new employers’ warm reception, describing her initial meeting with them at the airport as a positive experience. They, too, were content creators who frequently captured moments of her playing with their children.

“They are good people and content creators. We connected from day one,” Rosie explained. “I miss the way I used to treat their kids. Those children made my time away from my kids more bearable. I just love them so much.”

Her departure from Lebanon was an emotional experience, she shed tears as she left the children she had cared for as if they were her own.

In an interview during a meeting with Pancras Karema, CEO of Expeditions Maasai Safaris, the mother of three shed light on the reasons she was emotional.

“I cried because I had mixed feelings about meeting my kids after two years and leaving kids I had taken care of for two years who treated me like their parents.”

Back in Kenya for the Christmas holiday, Rosie expressed her feelings about the reunion with her children.

“I felt like I was home. The only difference is that they were paying me. The kids appreciate me for who I am. I will go back but have not set a date. I will work with them until the kids are a bit older.” Rosie optimistically said.

Touched by Rosie’s story, Karema extended a fully paid trip to Masai Mara for Rosie and her three kids as a token of appreciation for her commitment.

“We were deeply moved by Rozah’s story and her incredible bond with the family she serves in Lebanon. Her selflessness and love embody the spirit of compassion that we cherish at Expeditions Maasai Safaris,” said Pancras Karema.

During the award event, Rosie thanked her employers and defended them for always treating her well. Netizens from Kenya and beyond praised Rosie’s devotion and kindness, with many expressing their admiration and support.


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