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Jackie Matubia’s “Hidden” Message on Heartbreak and Broken Promises

Actress and social media sensation Jackie Matubia has candidly shared her experiences with heartbreak, drawing a striking parallel between her on-screen role and real-life emotions. [Photo/Courtesy]

Jackie Matubia, the talented actress known for her role as Zahra Mufasa in the popular TV series ‘Salem,’ candidly shared her experiences with heartbreak, revealing a striking parallel between her on-screen persona and her real-life emotions.


In an emotional Instagram post earlier in August, Matubia provided a heartfelt glimpse into the turmoil she faced, resonating deeply with her followers.

The video clip posted by Matubia showcased a powerful exchange between her character and a married lover on the show. This scene touched the actress, as it mirrored a recent personal experience.

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In the caption, she shared, “Weeh, Hii nyota ni kama pia Zahra Mufasa hana,” eloquently conveying the complex emotions she had been navigating.

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The ‘Zora’ actor courageously shared the challenges of loving a married man and the emotional rollercoaster it entailed. She expressed the internal struggle she faced, knowing he was committed elsewhere.

The revelation took a poignant turn when the man confessed to having two women in his life, further highlighting the parallels between Jackie’s character and her journey.

Amid the emotional disclosure, Matubia injected a touch of humour into her post, showcasing her resilience. She boldly referred to herself as a proud single mother of two, confirming her split from her fiancé and the father of her second daughter, Blessing Lung’aho, back in July.

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This declaration resonates with many single parents who draw their strength from similar circumstances.

The actress’s vulnerability and openness drew an outpouring of support and empathy from her audience. Many fans praised her for sharing her struggles and embracing her role as a single mother.

Matubia’s ability to blend real-life experiences with her on-screen character’s tribulations creates a powerful connection with her fans, making her a relatable and inspirational figure for many.

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