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Jackie Matubia: I’ll reveal her face when the time is right

Former Zora actress Jackie Matubia opens up about revealing her daughters face to her fans and followers.

Jackie Matubia and Blessings Lung’aho.Photo courtesy

Actress Jackie Matubia recently said the long-awaited reveal of her second daughter’s face, is one of her upcoming surprises.

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She mentioned this when expressing herself to her fans addressing rumors about her relationship with Blessings Lungaho.

Jackie Matubia and Blessings Lung’aho’s daughters face has remains unrevealed and its definitely an event eagerly anticipated.

She promised her audience to give full details on the rumors about her love in due time once and for all but when the time is right.

 Moreover, in her You Tube channel, Jackie expressed her intention to discuss “the matter “once and for all.

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The star emphasized that how she introduced ‘the matter’ is the same strategy meant to be used to inform them how it will go down.

“Let me tell you, the same way i introduced is the same way I will inform you of how it is supposed to go down or how it is. I know you deserve all those answers. I am preparing a table for you to decide.

“With so much love, when the time is right… i shall set for you a table,” Jackie stated, emphasizing her commitment to being open with her fans.

Her statement left her fans anxious and eager to hear again from Jackie Matubia.

Actress Jackie Matubia.Photo Courtesy
Self-love movement month

Jackie Matubia also highlighted this year and month were dedicated to self-love for her

 Acknowledging the love she receives from her friends and family, Jackie said she had also realized the importance of self-care.

She emphasized that this self-love movement goes beyond physical appearance and involves introspection and evaluating her life.

“I have realized a love so much on my friends, and my family nd i have nothing to pour for myself, and people really take advantage of that.

“This is a self love movement… Its not eve about physical, its about having a meeting with myself and evaluating my life, she said.

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Jackie’s fans perceive her as jovial and funny, on the contrary she admitted that it can be challenging, particularly being a celebrity.

Being in the public eye means facing

 The capability to face scrutiny and judgment from others is what means being in the public eye, adding to the difficulties she may already be experiencing.

“It’s tough to be Jackie Matubia. I might be going the same thing as you but now me i go through it in public eye… Everyone has something to say about my life,” she said.

Acknowledging the promising and undying love, patience and support of her fans, Jackie assured them that she has exciting things planned for the future.

Jackie Matubia, Blessing Lung’aho’s break up

Jackie and Blessing have been open about their relationship on social media, frequently sharing photos and videos as a happy couple.

Unfortunately, rumors have it that the couple may be breaking.

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Apparently, it is not the first time their relationship has faced scrutiny.

In 2022, they had to address break-up rumors, clarifying that all was well in their household.


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