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UN Wants Burkina Faso ‘Mass Killings’ Investigated

An impartial investigation into the “mass killings” which happened in Burkina Faso this month and left dozens of people dead, including children, has been requested by the United Nations (UN).


The majority of the victims of the attack on November 5 in the town of Zaongo in the country’s central north were reported to be children and the elderly, according to a statement made on Monday by the public prosecutor of Burkina Faso. The attack claimed the lives of over 70 people.

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The UN reported following the events of the mass killings taking place in the West African nation and called for speedy investigations into the matter. “We call on the transitional authorities to carry out promptly a thorough, independent, and transparent investigation into these serious reports,” UN spokesperson Liz Throssell said in a statement.

She said that although the number of deaths confirmed by the police was at least 70, some reports suggest that about 100 people may have been killed, and a large number injured. “This incident, during which a number of properties were burned down, is also reported to have led the villagers to flee the area,” she stated.

Burkina Faso

The atrocities in Zaongo, in the country’s north-central area, were verified by Burkinabe officials on Monday evening, November 13. The number of people dead is currently estimated at 70, mostly elderly people and children, according to Simon B. Gnanou, the Burkina Faso Public Prosecutor at the Kaya Regional Court, who visited the scene with a delegation.

“Houses have also been set on fire or partially destroyed,” he stated. These tragedies’ perpetrators are still at large. “Continuing investigations,” according to the authorities, should aid in “specifying the exact number of deaths, injuries, and possibly missing persons.”

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The nation and the world have been shocked by the news of this catastrophe. The United States and the European Union urged the Ouagadougou military administration to “shed light on the circumstances” of this catastrophe shortly before the official declaration from Burkinabe authorities. Sources quoting the EU claim that the death toll may be understated and may even exceed one hundred.


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