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Trade Unions Registrar Faces Jail Term for Contempt of Court


The Registrar of Trade Unions in Kenya Beatrice Mathenge, has been sentenced to one month in jail for failing to comply with court orders in a case filed against her by the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Dentists Union (KMPDU).

Registrar of Trade Unions in Kenya Beatrice Mathenge
Registrar of Trade Unions in Kenya Beatrice Mathenge [Photo: Citizen Digital]

The Employment and Labor Relations Court Principal Judge, Byram Ongaya, also imposed an alternative fine of Ksh.100,000, to be paid instead of the prison sentence.

“The Court found her in contempt of Court. The Court has taken into account all the circumstances of the case and imposes a sentence of payment of a fine of Ksh100,000.00 forthwith and in default, the contemnor be imprisoned for a term of 30 days,’’ read the court ruling in part.

Mathenge was found guilty of contempt by Justice Ongaya for not adhering to court orders that directed her to register KMPDU officials following their election.

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In the case, KMPDU officials had communicated their election on June 11, 2022, and requested registration on June 13, 2022. Despite a court ruling on February 10, 2023, instructing Mathenge to carry out the registration, she did not comply with the court’s orders.

Subsequent to her non-compliance, KMPDU filed a contempt application on March 6, 2023, seeking Mathenge’s commitment to civil jail for six months due to her disregard of the court’s judgment.

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In August, Justice Ongaya ordered Mathenge to appear in court on September 25, 2023, to demonstrate compliance with the court’s orders or face contempt charges. On October 25, Mathenge was found guilty of contempt, leading to a warrant for her arrest.


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