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The Growing Popularity of Traditional Chinese Medicine Beverages in China

Traditional Chinese Medicine gains popularity in China

In recent times, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) beverages have gained significant traction among China’s younger demographic. This increasing demand is evident in the rapid expansion of a TCM drink chain in Shenzhen, going from two stores last year to the imminent opening of its 10th, with plans for the 11th in progress.


Community health service centers are also embracing the trend, integrating TCM beverages to meet the rising demand from health-conscious consumers. TCM practitioners, attuned to local preferences through daily practice, have responded by creating a variety of recipes. The emphasis is on retaining popular recipes while eliminating those with less favorable taste profiles.

Traditional Chinese Medicine become popular in China
Chinese Herbal Tea [Photo: [iStock]

In Guangdong Province, where Shenzhen City is situated, data reveals a substantial 125 percent increase in newly registered enterprises specializing in healthy tea drinks during the first three quarters. This statistical growth reflects a broader societal shift towards choosing TCM-infused beverages as a preferred option for health-conscious consumers.

One significant player in this trend is goji berry tea, known for its benefits outlined by Sunwink:

Supports a Bright Complexion:

Goji berries, rich in beta-carotene, act as antioxidants, promoting skin health and reducing irritation from factors like UV rays and toxins.

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar:

The high fiber content in goji berries assists in maintaining optimal blood sugar levels, potentially supporting heart health and contributing to cholesterol regulation.

Supports Liver Health:

Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine practices, goji berries have historically been recognized for supporting liver health. Their antioxidant properties play a role in maintaining proper liver function, particularly during stressful periods.

Supports the Immune System:

The diverse antioxidants in goji berries contribute to bolstering the immune system. Additionally, the high levels of vitamins A and C support various facets of immune health.

Supports Eye Health:

Zeaxanthin, a crucial antioxidant in goji berries, plays a pivotal role in promoting eye health, safeguarding against stressors like excessive UV exposure and environmental pollution. It also aids in maintaining the protective coating on the eye retina.

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This growing trend signifies a larger societal move towards holistic well-being, with TCM beverages at the forefront of a cultural and culinary movement emphasizing healthier lifestyle choices.


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