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Robotic Revolution in China Transforms Liquor Distillation

Robotic arm revolution

In Wuhan City, central China, a factory has embraced cutting-edge technology to re-imagine the age-old practice of liquor distillation. Robotic arms, equipped with advanced sensors and imaging systems, have taken on the intricate task of spreading fermented grain into expansive distilling apparatuses.


This crucial step, executed with precision in terms of timing and temperature, significantly influences the quality and quantity of the final liquor product.

Traditionally, the role of a distiller has been considered challenging, requiring years of experience to master the nuanced art of knowing when and where to spread fermented grain as steam rises during the distillation process. This apprenticeship typically spans two to three years, and in some cases, up to eight or nine years are needed to cultivate a skilled distiller.

Wuhan Fujian Intelligent Machine, a company at the forefront of the robotic revolution in liquor distillation. Their robotic systems, armed with advanced sensors, including the powerful ultrasonic sensor, are positioned as equals, if not superior, to human distillers.

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The ultrasonic sensor, surpassing the capabilities of the human eye, enables the robot to precisely distribute the right amount of fermented grain at the optimal location, ensuring high precision in the distillation process.

‘’This is its ultrasonic sensor, which is more powerful than the human eye. It allows the robot to spread the right amount of fermented grain at the right spot with high precision.’’

Wuhan Fujian Intelligent Machine proudly reports that their robots have been adopted by over 40 liquor distillers across the country, establishing them as leaders in the industry. This technological leap not only showcases the prowess of automation in a traditionally artisanal practice but also highlights the potential for increased efficiency, consistency, and quality in liquor production through the integration of robotic systems.

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 As the intersection of technology and tradition evolves, Wuhan’s robotic distillation stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation in the heart of China’s ancient spirits.


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