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Quack Doctor Botches Surgery on 5 year old boy

An allegedly fake doctor in Machakos County performed an operation on a 6-year-old boy leaving the child’s family devastated.

Quack doctor at hospital
Machakos Level 5 Hospital Entrance. Photo/Courtesy

According to the father, the doctor had estimated that the operation would take approximately 40 minutes. Consequently, the son was required to be admitted at the hospital for treatment. 

The father mentioned that the son had a swollen hand which the doctors suspected to be a cyst. This led him to being taken to Machakos Level 5 Hospital for the best treatment in the area. 

After the operation procedure however, the health of the boy continued deteriorating. He had to be rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). It is then that the alleged fake doctor ran away from the hospital. 

“He told me the operations had some complications but they would update me on his condition momentarily,” the father mentioned.

Afterwards, the father raised complaints over not being allowed to see his son. He had been denied access, according to him, after the operation happened. 

“They told me my child was in critical condition despite going in for a minor injury. The hospital was going to issue a statement on whether my son is alive or not but they haven’t told us anything,” the father stated.

He wondered whether his son had passed away in the ICU and the hospital was covering it up. This was after he was denied access to see his son. 

Furthermore, the father mentioned that one of the doctors in the hospital informed him that only two family members were allowed at the hospital. 

“They only wanted my wife and me at the hospital but I refused to honor the directive,” the father added.   

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Efforts to Resolve the Situation

He tried to reach the Ministry of Health to report the complaints but he could not. His intention was to report the incident and find a way to see his son. He has located neither his son nor the doctor who performed the surgery. 

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council (KMPDC) was informed of the matter. They have however managed to do little to help the family. 

The devastated father has asked the relevant authorities to fast-track the investigations and apprehend those involved.

Cases of fake professionals operating in the country have been on the rise. The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) deregistered a man who had been posing as a surgeon for 16 years. 

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