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Police Beats Colleague for Breaking the Station’s Printer

A police officer in Kericho allegedly assaulted his colleague over a dispute regarding a malfunctioning printing machine.


The incident, which took place on Tuesday at around 16:00 hrs, left one officer injured and caused significant damage to the station’s printer.

According to a police report, Gideon Kipng’etich summoned Caleb Manani to the police station to explain why he suspected that Kipng’etich had been using the station’s computer and printer before the technical fault occurred.

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What was supposed to be a discussion quickly turned into a violent argument, leaving Manani with injuries to his mouth and nose.

An excerpt from the official report said, “On arrival at the station, an argument ensued between the two officers, and in the process, Kipng’etich grabbed Manani, pushed him to the ground, and began punching him on his face.”

The incident took an even more unfortunate turn as the station’s printer, valued at Ksh.30,000, was destroyed during the altercation.

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Manani was rushed to Kericho Referral Hospital for medical attention. After receiving treatment, he was discharged in stable condition.


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