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Danstan Omari Demands Ksh 9.8M more from Aisha Jumwa

Cabinet Secretary for Gender, Culture, Arts, and Heritage, Aisha Jumwa, finds herself involved in a legal battle over high legal fees demanded by her advocate, Danstan Omari, for representing her in two high-profile cases.


Danstan Omari asks for a total of Ksh. 9,860,000 from CS Aisha Jumwa for his services in representing her in a murder case, known as High Court criminal case No. E011 of 2020.

Omari says that this sum is expected to cover various expenses incurred during the legal proceedings.

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Jumwa was initially charged with murder, but the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions later dropped the charges against her, making her a prosecution witness.

Earlier, Danstan Omari had requested Ksh 17.4 million as his legal fees for defending Jumwa in a corruption case.

Notably, these costs come in the wake of a prior request for Ksh 10 million made by Omari for representing Jumwa in the corruption case.

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This demand encompassed drafting and filing submissions, notices of motion, and handling correspondence from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.


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