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Premier League Urged to Deduct Manchester City’s Points

Everton’s deduction of 10 points on Friday after being found guilty of breaching Premier League’s financial rules has sparked uncertainty about potential consequences for Manchester City.


Premier League rules state that clubs are permitted to lose £105million over three years and an independent commission found Everton’s losses in 2021-22 amounting to £124.5m.

Sean Dyche’s team has dropped from 14th to 19th position in the table, narrowly avoiding the bottom spot based on goal difference

However, Everton has officially announced their intention to appeal the decision and a verdict is anticipated before the end of this season.

The 10-point deduction stands as the biggest one in Premier League history, shifting the focus to Manchester City and their ongoing Financial Fair Play [FFP] investigation.

In February, City faced charges for violating numerous financial rules, dating back to the 2009/10 season.

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The Premier League have been urged to act on Manchester

City in the harshest possible terms, with a poll from the Express claiming that points deduction would be a just response.

Additionally, the poll indicates that 41 percent of voters favor docking points for City in light of the charges.

36 percent of respondents advocate for a more severe penalty, suggesting that Pep Guardiola’s side should be expelled from England’s top flight.

Less than a quarter of voters support the idea of stripping titles from the Treble winners.

No team has ever had their Premier League trophy revoked, with Everton becoming only the third team to face point deductions, joining Middlesbrough and Portsmouth.

According to The Independent’s Miguel Delaney,the likelihood of them being ‘stripped’ seems slim and he further acknowledges that those involved in the case don’t anticipate the punishment to delve into past events.

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Chelsea, too, have been accused of breaching regulations and could face punishment either from the Premier League or UEFA.


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