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Man Breaks Records, Marries 30 Women in a Single Day

Harrysong marries 30 women in a single day

In a funny yet a serious ceremony, Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Harrysong has taken the internet by storm after marrying an unprecedented 30 women in a single day, surpassing the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s record of 27 wives in 1978.


The event, captured in a visually striking video, shows Harrysong surrounded by a congregation of women, all adorned in traditional Nigerian attire—a clear indication of the newly minted brides.

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When questioned about the motive behind this unconventional move, Harrysong cryptically responded, “Watch out for the video in the coming days.”

The news has ignited a frenzy among fans and the public, sparking discussions about the implications of this bold decision on both Harrysong’s personal life and his career.

In a brief statement, the Afrobeat sensation remarked, “I wanted to create something unique, challenge norms, and start conversations about modern relationships.”

The video has fueled speculation about whether this is a legitimate marriage or a well-executed PR stunt. Some suggest it could be a teaser for an upcoming music video, adding an air of mystery to the entire affair.

Comparisons between Harrysong and Fela Kuti are inevitable, with Fela’s record now eclipsed by the Alter Plate Records founder.

The evolving dynamics of relationships and marriage in contemporary times are at the forefront of discussions, as society grapples with the implications of such unconventional choices.

In an exclusive interview with Gistlover, Harrysong addressed the swirling rumors, saying, “I understand the curiosity, but sometimes, you have to break free from societal expectations and create your path. This is my way of pushing boundaries and expressing myself.”

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While some laud his audacity, others are curious about the practical aspects of managing such a unique marital arrangement.

As the news continues to circulate, questions arise about how this development will impact Harrysong’s image within the music industry and whether it will influence his artistic endeavors moving forward.


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