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Kindiki Issues New Prices for ID Replacement

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has released new charges for government services including the replacement of an ID after an uproar from Kenyans.


A Gazette notice issued on Tuesday mentioned that the replacement of IDs would cost Ksh 1,000 and not the initial Ksh 2,000. This was after multiple Kenyans raised their voices against the punitive charges for acquiring a National Identity Card.

For first time needy applicants, the notice mentions that they will get a waiver during the application process. The notice, however, does not clearly stipulate the exact charge for the service.

Two weeks ago, the Interior Cabinet Secretary released a Gazette notice that instructed new prices for some government services. Among them, was the increase in ID acquisition and replacement charges. It stipulated that to apply for one, you would need to part with Ksh 1,000 from it being free initially. To replace it, one would pay Ksh 2,000 from the initial Ksh 100.

Reasons for the Increased Charges

“The new intended charges, fees and levies have been adjusted to accommodate views of the public already received following the publication of the revoked Gazette Notices,” read the notice in part.

For passport charges, the prices were maintained from the first Gazette notice issued. Kenyans will need to pay Ksh 7,500 for a 34-page passport, from the initial Ksh 4,500. An ordinary 50-page travel document will now go for Ksh 9,500 while a 66-page travel document will go for Ksh 12,500.

“The intended revised charges, fees and levies are informed by the need for Kenya’s self-reliance in financing the National Budget, to wean the Country from unsustainable debt that poses grave threats to our sovereignty and the dignity of future generations,” read the notice.

Further, the CS directed the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services to conduct and complete public participation for the new prices by December 10, 2023. They intend on effecting the new prices from January 1, 2024.

How to Replace an ID in Kenya

Replacing an ID is easier that applying for one, some would say. After the lost of an Identity Card, one is required to visit the nearest police station. At the station, you will report the loss of the ID and they will issue a police abstract.

The police abstract will be required before the process for ID replacement begins. After, go visit the nearest Huduma Centre or you can go to the National Registration Bureau. They’ll give you a registration form that you’ll be required to fill.

Submit the form attached with 2 passport size photos, a police abstract, and a registration fee as stipulated by the agency. From January, it would be charged at Ksh 1,000 but currently, it is still at Ksh 100. After submitting the forms, wait for approximately 10 days, you’ll receive an SMS (message) calling you to pick up the new ID.

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