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Ultimatum Issued for Passport Collection

The old Kenyan Passport.

Interior Cabinet Secretary, Kithure Kindiki, has issued an ultimatum of 30 days for Kenyans to collect their passports.

passport ultimatum
Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki. PHOTO/COURTESY

According to the CS, over 87,574 passports have already been printed and are ready for collection by the citizens. He was speaking during the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) launch at the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services.

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In addition to that, he stated that they had already acquired new printers needed to speed up the printing process. This was necessary to clear the accumulating number of passport requests by Kenyan Citizens.

Beginning September 25, all applicants whose passports are at the various centres will have 30 days to pick them up. This period is to give ample time for the recipients to be notified of the availability of their passports and the places to pick them up.

” We are commencing a rapid results initiative for the delivery of uncollected passports and all beneficiaries must collect them within the specified period,” he stated.

Passports Already Printed

Furthermore, the passports already printed were ready from as far back as three months ago, according to the CS. Nairobi recorded a total of uncollected 36,170 while Mombasa recorded 5,424.

The influx of passports and ultimatum issued comes after complaints rose regarding the slow process of passport generation. Nyayo House was congested with a backlog of passports to be printed.

The institution has set up reforms to ensure the printing of passports is increased in speed. Among the reforms are the change in working hours and the partnership with private entities to get the machines required.

In addition, the CS has made random visits to the printing stations and offices. This is to dissuade idlers from hanging around the immigration offices and consequently enable a smoother service delivery.

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