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Julius Malema to Address Pan-African Institute Inauguration in Kenya

South African Member of Parliament and leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, is set to make a highly-anticipated appearance in Kenya.


Malema has accepted an invitation from Professor P.L.O Lumumba to be the keynote speaker at the inauguration of the Pan African Institute. The event, which is scheduled for Thursday, November 9, will take place at Lukenya University in Makueni County.

Julius Malema to Address Pan-African Institute Inauguration in Kenya.
Julius Malema to Address Pan-African Institute Inauguration in Kenya. Photo| Wikimedia

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The occasion has generated excitement, as it is poised to mark the formal launch of the Pan-African Institute. It will serve as a platform for the development of courses and programs focused on Pan-Africanism. Consequently, it will foster academic and cultural exchange across the continent.

Nominated Senator Sylvia Kasanga expressed her enthusiasm about Malema’s participation in the event. She described Malema as a passionate Pan-Africanist, saying,

“We are happy to have him because he’s a Pan-Africanist, and he speaks to Africa and Africa’s issues and challenges. We want to bring him into our setting so that we can discuss these African issues from the setting of Ukambani, from the setting of Makueni County, from the setting of Kenya because we believe it will, through him, ignite the conversation to the height that it needs to be.”

Sylvia Kasanga

Professor P.L.O. Lumumba, an esteemed lawyer and chairperson of the Pan-African Institute, has been dedicated to enhancing the spirit of Pan-Africanism across the continent. In a recent address in Kisumu County, Lumumba emphasized the vital role of African youth in driving societal change and transformation. He encouraged them to embrace their cultural heritage and compete on a global scale.

Professor P.L.O. Lumumba. Photo| Courtesy, PLO Lumumba

Lumumba’s lecture, titled ‘Role of the Youth in Shaping Africa’s Future,’ shed light on the historical contributions of young Africans like Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, and Winnie Mandela. These icons, Lumumba noted, exemplify the passion and dedication of African youth in making significant contributions to their communities and the world at large.

The upcoming inauguration of the Pan African Institute promises to be a momentous occasion. Evidently bringing together not only the brilliance of Lumumba and Malema but also the shared determination to foster a stronger sense of Pan-Africanism among the continent’s youth. The event’s significance extends far beyond its scheduled date. It underscores the potential for meaningful collaborations and an intellectual awakening that spans borders.

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Julius Malema’s presence at this event is expected to resonate with the Pan-African community. It will demonstrate that the spirit of unity and collaboration can transcend geographical boundaries and inspire generations to come.


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